What does the winner win?
The winner is bestowed with the honor of being voted by their peers as the greatest Luncher in history (on that day). But who knows what the future holds…

What is Luncher?
Luncher is a daily national competition to find the best lunch in the Contiguous United States (sorry Alaska & Hawaii).

Who can use Luncher?
If you eat lunch, you live in the Contiguous United States (Alaska & Hawaii not included), and you have an iPhone 5 or later (using iOS 8 or later) then you can use Luncher.

How does Luncher work (Lunch Zones)?
Every day, the competition starts regionally in the four Lunch Zones: Eastern Lunch, Central Lunch, Mountain Lunch, Pacific Lunch. At the end of the day, the winner from each Lunch Zone faces off to win National Lunch.

When can I submit a lunch?
Lunch submission is between 11:00am and 2:30pm, every day. You’ll notice that’s the only time the camera is active. The reason it’s not longer is twofold: 1.) Lunchers who submit during the earlier lunch hours would have to wait a very long time before voting started, and 2.) if we stretch the time out later, the winners won’t be announced till really late which is no fun (especially for Eastern Lunchers).

Can I upload a photo from my camera roll?
You can not. At least not right now. You see, Luncher does it’s best to be an honest competition wherein the lunches that are submitted should be taken of your lunch, on that day. Otherwise the experience won’t be as fun ;)

When does voting start?
Voting starts at 2:30pm in each Lunch Zone, every day. However, everyone on Luncher can start voting on Eastern Lunches when the clock strikes 2:30pm in the Eastern Lunch Zone (1:30pm in Central, 12:30pm in Mountain, 11:30pm Pacific).

How does voting work?
Lunchers decide who wins lunch by voting on lunches in head-to-head, lunch-to-lunch match-ups. We try to give every lunch a fair shot at winning by serving them up an equal amount of times to Lunchers to vote on throughout the day. Winners are determined by the best win/loss ratio.

What are the lunch stats on my profile?
In order from top to bottom: 1.) # of Lunches submitted 2.)  National Lunch wins 3.) Regional Lunch wins (your Lunch Zone) 4.) Friend Lunch wins (your Facebook friends).

Why should I allow notifications?
Luncher is a time sensitive competition. To get the full experience, you have to remember when to do things, like upload, vote, and check out the daily winners. If you enjoy using Luncher, you’ll enjoy it a lot more with notifications on ;)

What should be flagged?
-Inappropriate content (i.e. nude parts, lewd acts, you get the idea).
-Anything that is glaringly not a lunch. There’s a bit of a gray area in this one, as we do encourage creativity, but if it just doesn’t feel like a lunch, then  flag it.
-Impersonating lunches (i.e. a photo of a photo from the latest issue of Food&Wine).

Can I delete a photo?
You can retake your photo before the voting starts by going to the back to the camera. You can not delete a photo once it’s been submitted to the competition. If you need a photo removed for some reason please contact us at contact@winluncher.com and let us know what’s up.

How do I edit my profile?
Go to the settings “cog” at the bottom of the menu. Then select “Edit Profile” You can then click on name, email, or motto to edit copy, or click on your profile pic to change it.

What happens if I go to a different time zone?
Luncher will recognize that you’ve changed Lunch Zones. If you submit a lunch from a new Lunch Zone it will be submitted into to that new Lunch Zone’s competition.

What is Yesterlunch?
Yesterlunch is lunch history in the making. This is where the daily lunch winners are logged for your viewing pleasure.

What is a lunch motto?
This is where you can express your true lunch-self. What’s defines your POV on lunch?

Why lunch?
A few reasons:
1.) Luncher was inspired by the workforce and the specific lunch habits of working adults.
2.) Lunch is the meal that people eat out the most for.
3.) Lunch is early enough in the day to have a same day competition, across the country.
4.) Because it’s freakin’ lunch! Adult recess!


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