The logo looks like it belongs on the front of a Von Dutch hat. Add loud music and a broad visual air of trying too hard, and Velvet Taco equates to the most obnoxious fast-casual restaurant of 2002. And it’s a chain, small and Dallas-based, but nonetheless, not a native Houston business. Yet after visiting last night, Velvet Taco still has my heart, or at least my tastebuds.
There are 21 tacos on the menu, touching down all over the globe, with fillings ranging from falafel to Cubano-style pickles and pork. Two would have been more than enough to fill my belly, but choosing was so difficult, even three didn’t feel like enough. I ended up having to skip the aforementioned tacos, as well as the fish-and-chips, shrimp-and-grits and annatto shredded pork with grilled pineapple I was eager to try.

-from “Houstonia”


Spotted by Tagamador