Wonderful story: In 1977 two young Korean immigrants, Hae Ju Kim and her husband, arrived here with almost no money, but somehow they managed to lease a place at the Pier and called it SM Pier Seafood.For some 35 years they ran it night and day, catering to the hordes of tourists who flock here every summer. This year, they agreed to turn it over to their 32-year-old daughter, Yunnie Kim Morena, who took over the business after successfully operating Fred Segal Couture for over 10 years. Yunnie and her husband, Greg Morena, who serves as President of the restaurant's management team, then instituted a complete revamp of the place which is situated right next to the Pier's parking lot. "We modernized and streamlined the look while preserving the restaurant's original atmosphere and character. I grew up in Santa Monica and this restaurant was a big part of my life," she told me. I asked her why the name? Was it named for our former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and she laughed and said "no," it was named for The Albright, the well-known (but not to me) nautical knot, symbolizing the tying together of two paths, two generations.

-Huffington Post


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