“A little less compelling, but still very good, are two mutant ramens at a Chinatown shop that opened without the typical frenzy last summer. An offshoot of a ramen-ya in Tokyo, Bassanova is spare and white, with “The Kinfolk Table” cookbook and other totems of Greenpoint chic stacked on a communal table. Bassanova is best known for its green curry ramen. While it didn’t have the aromatic punch of its role models in Thailand, it was still warming and complex, with loads of fried garlic among the excellent roast pork, okra and shrimp. I was more taken with the ramen topped with lemon slices, especially after the server went at it with a pepper grinder. What do lemons and black pepper have to do with ramen? Nothing, but they are magically good in this one.”

-from NY Times article 


Spotted by TheCerraShow