It's hard for us to explain just how ferocious a competitor Lunch Legend Seace (a.k.a. Jesse Williamson) is, so we'll let him explain it via the comment he left fellow Lunch Legend Christosbobistos: 
"I'm coming for you christos. I'm young and hungry, my lunch game is tight, and my 7 wins are second only to some dude who gets all the press right now. I forget his name. I'm hansel to your zoolander, stephane urquelle to your steve urkel, the hamptons to your jersey shore, nas to your jay-z and you're about to get ethered by asian tacos and tots. all hot dogs go to heaven but your lunch is street meat on the side of the highway, and I'm about to bring the hellfire sauce. beef is not just what's for dinner anymore, it's lunchtime now - and my tummy's rumbling."

Describe your approach to lunch.
Sometimes life gives us lemons, and in those times we must make lemonade.  Or pan-seared salmon with crispy proscuitto flakes, tossed over a lemon-creamed tagliatelle with spicy red pepper coulis.  

Unfortunately, with my work schedule, lunch is not always a possibility.  So when lunch is indeed in the cards, I treat the opportunity as if Per Se moved the decimal point on their tasting menu to the left.  Is there a new gourmet food cart in the vicinity?  Is my client ready to explore the simultaneously terrifying and rewarding jungle that is New York's lunch scene?  Am I prepared to spend 2+ hours preparing a twenty ingredient artisinally sourced grilled cheese with multiple garnishes?  Can I find an irish pub that serves asian-fusion corned beef spring rolls with a Guinness and Coleman's Spicy Mustard-based dipping sauce?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  A thousand times yes.  Carpe Diem!

You've redefined the term "lunch pimp". Why?
To some, lunch is about exploitation, buying and selling, the marketing or sale of a commodity.  This is a sad state of affairs, but it is not the true essence of lunch.  Lunch is an opportunity to elevate our senses - to make the ordinary extraordinary.  When in the late 1990s Xzibit began to "pimp" the rides of old, broken down vehicles, his goal was not to exploit but to enrich the lives of their owners.  And so it is with lunch - my goal is to bring my fellow lunchers along with me on a journey.  A journey where the destination is lunching bliss and our means of transportation might just be the perfect korean fusion taco.  

If you were a spring roll, what would you be filled with?
A spicy, savory, burning desire to find the most interesting, beautiful and delicious lunch possible.  And I would come with a side of homemade buttermilk ranch with fresh herbs. 

You've shown us a lot of seafood, a lot of chicken, a lot of sauce. What's missing from your current lunch arsenal?
Great question.  In fact, this fall I am planning to introduce a few steakhouses into my lunching rotation.  And don't be shocked if you see some middle-eastern options that incorporate both fresh and slow-simmered vegetable preparations into the mix.  I'm not afraid to revisit an amazing dish, but variety is the spice of lunch.

Describe the feeling of having the best lunch in the country.

Describe the feeling of having the 7th best lunch in the country.

If you could lunch with one person, past or present, who would that be, and what would you order?
I would lunch with my fiancee on the beach, and we would have fresh local grilled clams with garlic-simmered organic butter and rose wine.  It was the best (post 2:30pm) lunch ever, and I'd jump at the chance to do it again!