Not only did Lunch Legend LeaEmily win lunch the first time she ever submitted (with the most insane steak/charred nectarine salad), but she also won the second time she submitted, which also happened to be the next day (with some crazy homemade fajitas). And not only that, she won National Lunch twice after that!! Check out the interview with this next level Luncher!

What is your profession, and how the heck do you make such insane homemade lunches??

I'm in graduate school so I take night classes and end up eating most of my lunches at home. I love to cook and it saves me a lot of money making lunch at home, even when buying a cheap lunch everyday it adds up quickly.

You won lunch twice in a row...the first two times you ever submitted...what's up with that?

Well I was just so excited to be on the Luncher app I knew I had to whip up something special for lunch to showcase. PB&J is always a classic, but a passion for cooking and creativity goes a long way!

What does lunch represent to you in your daily life?

Lunch is a nice break in your day to regroup or reconnect with family, friends, or co-workers. Some days just drag on for what feels like forever and I know that if I can make it to lunch afterwards I'll feel much better and the day can only get better.

Which city in the U.S. has the best lunch scene that you know of and why?

I live in Philadelphia so I may be biased, but I love the dining scene here. Many restaurants cater to the health conscious, those with dietary restrictions, vegetarians, and vegans. Whether dining in or to-go most places offer lunch and affordable options as well. I am a big fan of supporting family-owned restaurants and places that utilize local food products.

What makes a good lunch? What makes a good photo of lunch?

A good lunch can be healthy or indulgent, but a colorful and well-plated dish always attracts my attention. A good photo of lunch can sometimes rely heavily on the angles and lighting, but of course the food plays a big factor. I personally don't like to see photos of lunch after people have started eating because it eliminates the fantasy that the delicious could be mine!

Filet mignon or Strip steak?

I'm a princess so I love a nice filet mignon usually aged and prepared at a medium temperature and if I want to go all out I'll get it Oscar style or with a gorgonzola blue cheese crust!

If you could lunch with one person, past or present, who would that be, and what would you order?

I would love to dine with Julia Child, she has an absolutely delightful personality and I really admire her cooking skill. I would love to try any of her famous French dishes, French Onion Soup and Beef Bourginon would be my top choices!